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Responsible for this website and author is:   Primary Contact   European Economic Area (EEA) Representative   Data Protection Officer (DPO)
PETERS Consulting in the following short: PC  ←  Entity Name        
Juergen Peters  ←  Contact Name  ←  Full Name of EEA Representative  ←  Full Name of DPO
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Lindenweg 6, 64546 Moerfelden-Walldorf, Germany  ←  Address  ←  Address of EEA Representative  ←  Address of DPO
Phone: +49-6105-951521 (Country code for Germany: +49)
Global Fax: +1-978-752-1548 (24h / 365days)
Global Phone: +1-239-234-1548 (24h / 365days)
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Tax Number: 021-856-01709 (Gross-Gerau, Germany)
Sales taxes refering § 19 UstG
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GDPR (EEA) = General Data Protection Regulation of EEA
(1) You may revoke the rental contract, without any penalty or obligation, within 2 weeks after you received the countersigned contract by us. A revocation notice by e-mail, fax, or postal mail needs our acknowledgement of receipt. To revoke the rental contract e-mail, fax, or postal mail us a revocation notice to the IMPRINT address (see above) or click HERE.
(2) PETERS Consulting (called PC for short and operator of the website NaplesGolf) is according to the GDPR (EEA) 'data responsible', not 'data processor'. All employees who contact personal data at PC are required to protect the confidentiality of data resulting from Article 28 of the GDPR (EEA) and Article 53 of the Data Protection Act. By concluding a rental agreement, you consent to your personal data being stored at PC in accordance with the GDPR (EEA). According to Article 7 paragraph 3 GDPR (EEA), you have the free revocability of this consent. At any time you have the 'right to be forgotten' (Article 17 GDPR of EEA), which means that all your personal data will be permanently deleted.
(3) Privacy Statement (Short version): We collect, use and store your personal data under the provisions of the 'Federal Data Protection Law' of the Federal Republic of Germany and the GDPR (EEA). For a long version click HERE.
(4) Upon conclusion of a rental contract you are also obligated to accept the remaining passages of this website.
End of the Revocation & GDPR (EEA) Notice and Privacy Statement.

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The owners of the rental units - displayed on these websites - are responsible for the correctness and completeness of their description and information. The webmaster and author of this website is not responsible or liable for any incorrectness of the owners of the rental units.
To read the extended DISCLAIMER for this website click HERE.
Our e-mails may contain confidential and/or privileged information. If you are not the intended recipient (or have received our e-mails in error) please notify the sender immediately and destroy our e-mails. Any unauthorized copying, disclosure or distribution of the material in our e-mails is strictly forbidden.
This Website contains links to websites maintained by other parties, and we do not control these parties or the content, products, or services offered through such websites. The inclusion of any link does not imply any endorsement by us of the linked site, or of any content, products, or services offered through the linked site. We make no representations or warranties whatsoever about any linked site, or the availability of any products offered through the linked site, and accepts no responsibility or obligation in connection with Your use of any linked site. The entire risk and responsibility arising from linking with any such site, including any transactions entered into through such site, remains with You.

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The responsibility person of this website, referred to as NaplesGolf, is to present solely privately used vacation accommodation from owners or their representatives to potential renters. A rental contract can only be made between an owner and a renter. NaplesGolf is not a contract partner or a tour operator, is however authorised to collect down-payments and/or deposite security payments. Should a renter use this website to contact other parties such as Airlines, Car Rental companies, etc., NaplesGolf accepts no responsibility for any contracts which might be made.
2 - RESPONSIBILITY of NaplesGolf
The responsibility of NaplesGolf is to establish contact between owner and renter as soon as possible. This is usually ended as soon as a valid signed rental contract exists between owner and renter. Renter liaison and support is then taken over by a local contact person, who is, as a rule, German speaking too. The renter s personal details (email address, telephone number etc.) will only be used internally, and will not be made available to third parties.
Renter s claims concerning eventual defects or faults can only be made directly with the owner. The description of the property is predetermined by the owner. NaplesGolf constantly tries to update this information through Quality controls, and should discrepancies arise, will consider the interests of the renter as priority. NaplesGolf will erase rental properties from the website if false claims have been made by an owner.
NaplesGolf is responsible for ensuring proper procedures in the preparation of a rental contract. NaplesGolf assumes further liability only by malice aforethought and gross negligence. Is NaplesGolf NOT a contract partner, any and all liability is excluded.
The services of NaplesGolf are free of charge. Prices and descriptions are not binding. General modifications and the corrections of mistakes, written or printed, and price discrepancies remains the privilege of NaplesGolf. All descriptions, illustrations, plans and floor plans are not binding and are not to scale and only similar to reality. Structural changes are reserved. Furnishings and kitchens serve only as design proposals, a claim to these services does not exist. No liability is assumed for the accuracy and completeness. Legal disputes are to be settled in Gross-Gerau, Germany. German Law will apply.
If a provision of these terms of business is or becomes illegal, invalid or unenforceable in any jurisdiction, that shall not affect:
-   the validity or enforceability in that jurisdiction of any other provision of these terms; or
-   the validity or enforceability in other jurisdictions of that or any other provision of these terms.

CLICK: Go up to top Rental contract (Sample) / Cancellation Clause
To read a sample contract click on the 'W icon' (below). If you can read the contract on your screen you can print it. Click on the printer icon on the upper menu bar of your display program.
To get to the cancellation clause read the 'sample contract'.

Sample Contract displayed in standard format (RTF).

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You need the program 'Adobe Acrobat Reader' in order to view contracts and other documents. If you do not have 'Adobe Acrobat' installed on your computer, click on the Adobe Acrobat Reader icon (left) to get the ABOBE's website where you can download the FREE Adobe Acrobat Reader. We recommend to install this program on your computer.

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Some residential areas (or portions thereof) belong to AssOCIATIONS. These AssOCIATIONS have rules for handling and performing rentals. The management of the respective AssOCIATION collects a registration fee for any rental. This is done by forms with up to 5 pages - a huge paperwork. We do not want to scare you and will fill it out for you. You hereby authorize us with your signature on the lease that we can perform all registrations at the appropriate bodies (eg, Association, Main Gate, Pool Administration).
End of the registration notice.

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